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choral music

Another day is now gone (2024) SATB 2 mins 30 Text adapted from Jane Austen Premiered by Chichester Cathedral Choir at Evensong in the Cathedral on 3.3.24 This piece is based on the dances that weave in and out of Austen’s stories to such great effect (and plot impact!). This setting seeks to evoke the stylised movements of Regency era dance whilst creating a thoughtful moment where both the day that has passed and the next day, yet to come, are considered. Available from Encore Publications as part of the Three Austen Prayers collection (PDF preview available).

Who has seen? (2024) SATB, organ 4 mins Commissioned by St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne Text by Christina Rossetti & John 3:8 (KJV) This setting of the Gospel verse is complemented by the use of the poem "Who has seen the wind?" by Rosetti. A simple and effective melodic guides the listeners through an exploration of the wind as symbolic of the Holy Spirit.

Cecilia (2024) SSAATBB 2-5 mins Text drawn from Bede, Auden, Pope, Dryden, Purcell, Addison, Chaucer Premiere by Bel a capella, Sydney in November 2024 CECILIA builds loops of notated melodic material weaving texts through time and space to create an adaptable and immersive piece.

Here is the little door (2023) SSA 1 min 30 Text by Frances Chesterton Premiered by the Girls' Choir of St Catharine's College, Cambridge at A Ceremony of Light, 12.12.23 in the College A Christmas carol written as an companion piece to the beloved "How far is it to Bethlehem?".

All shall be well (2023) SSATBB 4 mins 20 Text from Julian of Norwich Commissioned and premiered by The Consort of Melbourne on 8.7.23 Wyselaskie Yuma Auditorium Parkville, Melbourne Contrasting the quiet, mindfulness practices of Julian's time as anchoress (female hermit) with the resounding wash of sound within an abbey this piece immerses the audience in a moment of reflection and meditation.

Lux Perpetua (2022) SATB 4 mins Text from Emily Brontë & the requiem mass Commissioned & premiered by Sarah Latto & Paragon Singers 12.11.22, Bradford on Avon, UK German premiere 21.6.23 by Leuphana Kammerchor dir. Rebecca Lang Australian premiere 2.12.23 by VIVOX, Yackandandah Written in repsonse to Victoria's 1605 requiem Lux Perpetua uses minor thirds to create lyrical, accessible jigsaw puzzles which sandwich Brontë's verse on earthly and eternal light. The dynamics are guides only to bring different voices to the front of the texture allowing them to 'glint' through the soud and have each iteration of the text, harmony and melodic combinations have an individual characteristic. Much the way that light through a prism or window highlights and lands differently depending on time of day and year. Available from Encore Publications (PDF preview also available).

Forsake me not (2021) SATB, single line instrument (open score) 3 mins 15 Text adapted from Psalm 116 & 118. Chant based on 'Ave generosa' by Hildegard von Bingen German premiere by Rebecca Lang & Leuphana Chor, 3.12.22 The instrumental line takes inspiration from, then develops in a more modern style, a chant by Hildegard von Bingen. The part can be performed on any single line instrument. Available from Encore Publications (PDF preview also available).

Three Austen Songs (2021) SA (children's voices), piano 5 mins UK premiere by Thomas' Clapham in 2021 A set of songs setting Austen poetry. The first is a gentle and simple unison with optional second part. The second, a humourous and dramatic piece, has two parts with the second as a repeated motif. The third song is suitable for advanced choirs.

Gaudebat et Ridebat! (2016) SATB (S divisi), snare drum 2 mins 15 Text adapted from Jacapone da Todi Premiered by The Gesualdo Six via recording in 2021 Australian premier by Bel a cappella 10.12.23 This joyful, upbeat setting of part of the Stabat Mater Speciosa for Advent centres the uncertainty and physicality of pregnancy and explores the anticipation of birth from a mother's perspective. Available as part of Vol 3 of Multitude of Voyces Anthology of Sacred Music by Women Composers and also as a single digital offprint from MoV.

Sancta Maria (2016) SATB 3 mins 30 Australian premiere by Trinity College Chapel Choir, Melbourne 15.8.23 UK premiere by Fitzwilliam College Chapel Choir, Cambridge 2016 This setting of the Sancta Maria text humanises Mary and is a direct appeal with rich harmonies and textures. Available from Encore Publications later in 2024

The Floods (2015) SSAATTBB 3 mins 15 Text from Psalm 93 Premiered by VOCES8 as apart of the St Andrews Voices Festival composer development programme, Scotland 23.10.15 This piece is ideally sung in a highly resonant environment with singers spread throughout the space enveloping, but not overwhelming, listeners. Singers should allow the sound to find its way into any and all nooks and corners of the space. The sound should be allowed to refact and return into the music much as water would continue until turned back by physical boundaries. Available from Encore Publications (PDF preview also available).

instrumental music

Le jour des Adieux (2022) violin duet 2 mins 30 (violin quartet, violin & cello duet versions also available) Commissioned & premiered by Hannah Roper & students 2022 in Worcester, UK

Magnetic Resonance (2021) – – timp – strings (no DB) 9 mins German premiere by Rebecca Lang & Leuphana Orchester 2.2.23, Lüneberg Magnetic Resonance is an overture-length work for orchestra, completed in 2020 by composer Katharine Parton, performed here in a version for chamber orchestra. Composition of Magnetic Resonance began almost a decade earlier as the composer went through a process of illness, physical dysfunction and, ultimately, diagnosis with multiple sclerosis. The piece describes and explores her experience of grief as her performing career was lost, whilst traversing the bridge to composition built through the creation of this piece. This work draws on the sound of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machines interpreted through the orchestra. It features fast, loud mechanical sounds from within the magnet as the coils expand and contract developing into phasing in the winds and evocation of breathing in the strings. Magnetic Resonance explores an emotional landscape of fear and change as a personal response to the composer’s own journey as a musician diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

L'étang (2020) solo violin 2 mins 30 Premiered by Fenella Humphreys as part of her 'lockdown' YouTube series in 2020

Oriel (2020) string orchestra 4 mins Premiered by Frankston Symphony Orchestra 7.8.22

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